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A real work of art, a handknotted Ghom carpet.

A figural Ghom carpet from the city of Ghom in Iran. 
Nearby a dried up river, about 150 kilometres south of Teheran lies the city of Ghom. It is the second most holy city in Iran and an important teological centre with extensive education of priests. The eighth imams sister is buried in a magnificent mausoleum that is found in this city.
The manufacturing of carpets began at the of the 20th century. Carpets from Ghom are known for their fine workmanship with pile in wool or silk. They are often manufactured with high knot density and have varied patterns, borrowed from different areas in Iran. Sometimes details are tied in silk. It is also common with carpets manufactured entirely of silk, Silk-Ghom.
Gardens, medallions or figural carpets with plant and animal motifs are common. Today, carpets are manufactured in other places and these carpets also carries the name Ghom.
The carpets are also sold under the names Ghome, Gom, Qum, Kum and Qom.
Some examples of Ghom carpets: 
Qum silk carpet VAH43
Qum silk 198x298
Qum silk signed: Qum Mohammadi carpet BTC69
Qum silk signed: Qum Mohammadi 80x120
Qum silk carpet XVZH21
Qum silk 96x146
Qum silk signed: Qum Ahmadi carpet XVZH37
Qum silk signed: Qum Ahmadi 74x123

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The backside of a very exclusive Ghom all silk, about 1.200.000 knots per square metre.
Technical specifications: 
Pile: wool yarn of good quality or silk
Weft: cotton yarn or silk, 2 wefts
Warp: cotton yarn or silk
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 240 000 - 600 000 knots per square metre

The mausoleum in Ghom.

A small street fair in Ghom.

Citizens from the city, Ghom.