Shiraz carpet, handmade both by nomads and residents in and around the city of Shiraz in the south of iran.

The city of Shiraz with its gardens, tombs of the poets and the ancient Persepolis, is situated in the Fars province which lead to the name of the country Persia, today's Iran.

The easy-going atmosphere appeals to many Iranians. Around the city resides the Ghashghai nomads (see the section about Ghashghai ) and their carpets are traded in the giant bazaar; sometimes under its own name and sometimes under the name Shiraz.

When speaking of Shiraz carpets in common, it is a more simple carpet with pile, warp and weft made of wool.

Example of a Shiraz carpet:

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool yarn
Weft: wool or goathari, usually 2 wefts after very row of knots
Warp: wool or goathair yarn
Knot: symmetrical
Knot density: 80 000 - 160 000 knots per square metre

The Vakil mosque in Shiraz.
The leaning tower, Karim Khan citadel.
Decoration at Naranjestan.

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