Workshop carpets

Manufacturing of a workshop carpet after an original at the carpet museum in Teheran. In the background a copy of the famous Pazyryk carpet.

In many of the cities in the orient, especially in Iran and Anatolia, there are workshops with different sizes and directions, for example in Tabriz, Keshan, Isfahan, Nain and Hereke. The weaving here is done in a more controlled way than in nomadic camps and in the homes.

The workshop is a company where the weavers are employed. The looms are sturdy and allows manufacturing of very large carpets. Usually several weavers work at the same time on a carpet where the yarn and tools are supplied by the owner of the workshop.

During the work the weavers follow a pattern drawn on a millimeter squared paper. The process is controlled regularly and none of the deviations and irregularities that are accepted in a village and nomad carpet are allowed here.

A Ghom Silk with 1.000.000 knots/sqm.

An exclusive Isfahan carpet in an office environment. 1.000.000 knots/sqm and approximately 4.500.000 knots in this carpet.
The Tabriz carpet has been an obvious decoration among European mansions during a long time.
A splendid carpet, Nain 6La, fits almost everywhere. 1.000.000 knots/sqm makes a total of approximately 6.500.000 knots in this carpet.

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