A newly produced Kazak carpet where a lot of effort has been put to resemble an earlier produced carpet.

Today you can find, mainly in Pakistan, that elderly carpets are being reproduced to resemble the originals. The carpets are designed from antique, older traditional motifs and carpet styles. A typical example of these carpets are Ziegler- and Kazak carpets that are reproductions of old Persian styles such as the Mahal, Serapi, Azari and the Ardebil-motif, Kazak and Shirvan.

In principle, motifs used today can be found in museums or on carpets that are sold for astronomical sums on differrent quality auctions.

A Kazak carpet from Pakistan in a smaller office.

These carpets are mainly manufactured in Pakistan, but can also be made in India and China where a lot of care are put into them in order to keep the traditions and ancestry from the older carpet manufacturing.

When producing the carpets natural plant dyes are used, as well as handspun wool and they even try to use the same materials and procedures that were used hundreds of years ago.

A newly produced, handmade Ziegler carpet, with its beautiful colours and antique looks.

At the end of the carpet production, the carpet is treated with rocks to get an antique look. Stonewashing refers to when the carpet is rubbed with stones during the washing to wear out the pile. Afterwards the carpets are exposed to heavy sun to get bleached and today it takes a well trained eye to separate an original carpet from a reproduction which is a good mark that the Pakistanians have succeeded.

Examples of Ziegler and Kazak carpets:

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