A beautiful, unique Mashad Patina.

A well-made vintage hand-knotted carpet can last for generations and often becomes more beautiful as the years go by. This is largely thanks to careful selection of the materials used combined with precision craftsmanship. As the colours age, the carpet develops its special charm.

But even the best carpets become worn if they are being used. This means that a lot of unique carpets risk disappearing from the market, carpets with a history, but above all a beautiful handicraft is disappearing. There is now a solution to the problem due to the fact that a number of companies have started working with the preservation of vintage carpets, through gentle restoration. Vintage carpets are carefully selected and most of them have a certain degree of wear, but this does not however reduce the carpet's appeal, rather it is part of its charming natural ageing.

Detail image of the pattern in a hand-knotted Tabriz Patina.

These unique carpets have been selected to preserve the wonderful heritage and to allow them to be discovered by a new generation. The restored carpets get a new lease of life and the end result is the best of both worlds, a sustainable carpet with the truly majestic feel that only a vintage carpet can provide. You are getting a beautiful carpet that will only increase in value.

CarpetVista Patina

Even CarpetVista feels that these vintage carpets are pieces of art that deserve to be preserved and used by many generations to come. CarpetVista Patina is an example of this type of restoration, where worn carpets are given a new lease of life. One thing the selected carpets in this series have in common is that they are all at least 40 years old, with a certain elegance and harmony in both their patterns and colours.

Najafabad Patina carpet.
Tabriz Patina carpet.
Keshan Patina carpet.

All of the carpets in the Patina series have been washed and carefully inspected, and any damage that could affect the carpet's continued sustainability has been gently repaired. If the pile was worn unevenly or if the surface layer of the pile has been damaged, then it will have been carefully polished down to create a beautiful smooth finish.

The restoration of these vintage carpets generates a unique, beautiful end result and the Patina carpets can continue to be admired by new generations.

Examples of Patina carpets:

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