Quality control

The quality controls are many and are made by our buyers when purchasing the carpets.

All carpets sold by CarpetVista.com have gone through a very thorough quality control. We inspect all carpets when buying them in the manufacturing countries and carpets of low quality are rejected immediately.

When the carpets have been polished, washed and dried they are inspected again and smaller holes are repaired if needed, before they are shipped to our warehouse. The carpets must not show any visible wear and the colours must not have run.

When the carpets arrive at our warehouse they are then inspected once again (when being photographed) just to make sure that no damages have occured during transportation. We inspect the carpet for holes and that the fringes are not damaged and that the sides of the carpet are not cracked. Deviations in colour and size are also checked for and possible repairs must not be badly done. If the carpets does not meet our demands they will not be put up for sale!

All these controls and inspections are also done when packing the carpets before we send it to you - so that you can be satisfied as a customer with your new carpet!

A perfect example of an abrash in a Lori carpet.

You should be aware of the following:

If you have chosen a village or nomad carpet for your home you have to accept that the carpet can have deviations in colour, size and shape - that the carpet is not completely symmetrical, that the pattern has primitive looks and that the background colour changes in its nuances.

The later is called abrash and depends on the yarns and different dyes used. Earlier this was considered a problem, but now it is declared that abrashes in village and nomad carpets are acceptable. These give the carpets much more life and positive energy and today some weavers use abrashes intentionally to give the carpet life and make it unique.

On the Gabbeh carpet to the right, evident examples of occuring deviations in pattern and shape. Below another example from a Lori carpet with deviations in shape, colour and pattern.

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