Why shop on the Internet?

CarpetVista.com provides 30 days purchase on approval. This gives you the possibility to try the carpet in your home in peace and quiet.

An emerging trend in carpet sales is occurring on the internet. Like most other capital goods it pays off - the main aim is to save money and get a bargain. You can sit at home, and look through a wide range of thousands of high quality handmade carpets. You can also read the facts about the carpets, and compare prices in peace and quiet whenever you want to round-the-clock.

Another great advantage with shopping on the Internet, is the lucidity and clarity, which is good when thinking about how the carpet will fit or not fit in your home. You will also save a lot of time, by not having to visit many stores and other places of purchase.

When you have received the carpet, you can feel and examine the carpet and see that it really is suitable for your home. Internet-sales, is a modern way to shop since the prices can be kept low, through rational handling and large purchases - money that the customers benefit on. Fast deliveries directly to your home and with the same rights as a store provides the consumer good possibilities of a good deal.

It is important that the customer reads the delivery terms, payment options, the right to return on complaints on and so on.

The carpet you buy must fit in your home.

Other places for carpet purchase

If you choose to shop in a regular carpet shop, it is often difficult to see the whole carpet, they are piled in large stacks and when you browse through them it is only possible to see some of the carpets, sometimes just a corner. You will probably be helped by a seller, but after a while he/she might become impatient if you have difficulties deciding which carpet to select. When buying a beautiful carpet for your home it is, in our opinion, something that should not be stressful.

Another way of purchasing a carpet could be at an auction. In an auction, it is possible to find an antique carpets which varies in price and condition from hundreds of thousands, to more simple carpets for just a few hundred. These carpets are sold used, in existing condition and perhaps they need to be washed and repaired before using them. It is of importance to know that you can not return the carpet when buying at an auction!

Feel free to use our carpets from CarpetVista to compare prices before making a decision!

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