Cotton, from Gossypium the family of malvaplants.

Cotton comes from the family of Malva plants. They exist mainly in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The plant consists of big, palmlike leafs with edges and has great white, red and yellow flowers surrounded by a large outside lining with edges.

The fruit on the plant is a round, eggshaped fruit, with a about 5 cm long capsule which when it is ripen opens up. The seeds have a hairy covering, cotton hair, which have given these plants its meaning.

Cotton is grown in most countries that manufacture carpets and is used mainly in the warp and weft.

In the swaying cottonfields grows perhaps some elements of an upcoming carpet.

There is a technique used in the preparation of cotton so that it becomes more shiny and looks like silk ( mercerizing ) . Sometimes you can see carpets with a pile made of mercerized cotton. When it is new they can make you believe it's a silk carpet, but they wear out fast and loose their structure and elegance.

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