Horizontal loom

The woman, in her beautiful and very typical nomad clothes, sits in the shade weaving her carpet.

A loom consists of a frame consisting of four beams which holds the warp, tightened while the carpets are being made. The most simple looms only consists of two wooden beams which are secured to the ground.

The distance on the sides between the two beams determines how wide the carpets should be and the upper and lower beam decides the length of it. The weaver sits on the warp and ties the carpet until all the warp is covered with knots.

The horizontal looms are mainly used by nomads as they are easily rolled up to be put up at the next campground.

A horizontal loom with room for two weavers.

Often are carpets manufactured on these small horizontal loom, so that they can be finished between the different camps but there are of course exceptions. Nomads who are residents also use the horizontal loom. In this case it consists of strong metal pipes put together to form a rectangle.

The work takes place in the shade.
A very large Gabbeh carpet is being manufactured.
An example of a horizontal loom.

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