Baluchi carpets

Baluchistan, a land area in eastern Iran and western Pakistan.

Baluchi carpets (also called Baluch or Beluchi carpets) are handmade carpets originally made by Baluch nomads, living near the border between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. These nomads also occur in a smaller scale in Bahrain and in the Punjab province of India. About 70% live in the main part in Pakistan and are divided into two groups; Sulaimani and Makrani.

The carpets are sold in the city Mashad in Iran - Mashad-Baluch carpets, and on the other hand in the city Herat in Afghanistan as Herat-Baluch carpets.

The carpets are often small with lively patterns, and praying carpets are common. The dominating colours are red, brown and dark blue. The warp is made of wool or a mixture of wool and goat hair, newer carpets have a warp made of cotton.

Some examples of Baluchi carpets:

The nomad carpets have a rustic charm which make them suitable for most environments.

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