Turkmenistan carpets

The areas for manufacturing Turkmenistan carpets.

When speaking about Turkmenistan carpets we mean carpets manufactured in some different places, for example Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, East Turkistan, Afghanistan and Belutchistan.

The Turkmenistan carpets includes the following carpets; Basjir, Salor, Tekke, Tjaudor and Yomut carpets, which are all examples of carpet styles that used to be called Buchara carpets.

The most wellknown Turkmenistan carpet districts are Ashkabad, Bakharden, Gueok-Tepe, Kizyl-Arvat and Merv to mention a few. Also East Turkestan carpets are sometimes reckoned as Turkmenistan carpets.

'Arch of Neutrality', Turkmenistan.
The entrance to the mosque in Herat, Afghanistan
Detail from Registan, Uzbekistan.
A Jamut carpet from Turkmenistan.

What distinguishes the Turkmenistan carpets is that the warp is made of wool with repeated patterns with göl-motifs and it often has wider borders on the short sides and not on the longer sides. The whole scale of red from purple to brown is a dominating colour.

Tekke-Bochara, Ersar, Tschoval, Beshir and Jolam-Bocharaband are all examples of Turkmenistan carpets.

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