Chrome dyes

The chrome colours are also available in a large number of varieties.

In the beginning of 20th century, they began to use better synthetic colours known as chrome dyes. These were reliable and colourproof and resembled the natural dyes by being sun- and washproof (they keep their colours when being washed and exposed to sunlight) . Today one can find the chrome dyes in a large variety of nuances. They are considered to be equal to the natural dyes but does not provide the same softness in the looks, the carpets get a harder, slightly metallic luster which mitigates after about 10-15 years.

Sometimes a combination of both natural and chrome dyes can be found manufacturing a carpet. The weaver uses the one that gives the best result for the purpose. It is common to use chrome dyes in a carpets details and natural dyes to the background and larger fields. Since it's foremost in larger fields you can see the difference between natural colours and synthetic colours, these carpets leave a very good impression and can without a doubt be compared to carpets where only natural colours have been used.

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