Mineral dyes

Using minerals to dye yarn is not a new invention and is used in certain extent in the carpet manufacturing. By combining these a lot of different nuances can be used when colouring the yarn.

These are the most used minerals for dyeing:

  • OCHRE, a kind of iron ore, also called limonite which is a earth mineral oxide. It is used for yellow, brown and red nuances.

  • MALACHITE, an intense green mineral, actually coppercarbonate mixed with copperhydroxide. Breaks from time to time as copper ore. Used for green nuances.

  • MANGANESE, a metallic element. Used for black nuances.

  • CINNABAR, a heavy reddish mineral, with a metallic adamantine luster. It is made from quicksilversulfide. Used for red nuances.

  • AZURITE, a blue/darkblue copper mineral. It is cristalized and often found together with the green mineral malachite. Both are products from erosion and oxidation from copper mineral. Used for blue nuances.

  • LEAD, used for red nuances.

  • ARAGONITE, usually colourless or white mineral. Used for white nuances.

  • LAPIS LAZULI,also known as lapis, a blue rock. Consists of a mixture of azurite and calcite, pyroxenite and other silicateminerals besides pyrite. Used for blue nuances.

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