The work with polishing the carpet requires a steady hand and has gotten much easier since the arrival of the machines.

During the manufacturing of a carpet the weaver cuts the yarn a little bit longer than intended for the final product. When the carpet is woven the yarn in the pile has a different length and the carpet gives a fluffy and fuzzy impression. In order to give the carpet an even nice surface and to get a clear sharp pattern, polishing of the carpet is needed.

This process is done with a tool/machine, which looks like and works about the same way as a beard trimmer with a built-in sucking function. You can clearly see this on the picture below, the difference before and after the polishing.

Back in time the pile was cut with a pair of scissors or a knife and a comb, this work required extreme precision and one single mistake could ruin many hours of work for the weaver.

The picture clearly shows the difference between before and after - notice the clarity of the pattern.

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