A lot of water is needed to transport all remains of colours away from the ready made carpet.

The next step after polishing is to wash the carpet thoroughly. The reason for washing the carpet, with a special detergent, is to remove all remains of textile dust and surplus from the colouring at the same time the colours are being fixed.

The mode of procedure for this step is to lay out the carpets next to each other on a plain surface and then rinse them with large amounts of cold water (hot water can make the colours to run).

After the carpets are soaked, all the water is then pressed out again from the carpet, with the help of a rubber rake, and sometimes a machine is used to simplify this work.

This procedure is repeated several times as the carpet is being inspected thoroughly in order to see that the colours are approved.

Both machines and handheld rakes are used to press the water out of the carpet.

Washing - teamwork?
The rubber rake is pressed with lots of pressure onto the carpet to get rid of the water.
Sometimes machines are used.

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