A handmade runner in wool from Abadeh.

Right between Shiraz and Isfahan lies the city of Abadeh. To a visitor it does not offer much but, utility carpets of good quality are manufacured in this city.

Originally, carpets from Abadeh had patterns of vases and rather insignificant colours. The carpet had some difficulties holding onto the market and the weavers searched for new patterns. They were inspired by the Ghashghai nomads who had their summer pastures in the area. The carpets have a red-brown nuance combined with blue and with medallions in the middle and corners.

The carpets usually have a large hexagon in the middle with a bow or a medallion and at the corners, a variant of the Heybatlou-pattern . The field is covered with small pictures of birds, four-legged animals together with trees and flowers. They are good utility carpets since they are very firm, hardy and durable.

Some examples of Abadeh carpets:

The backside of an Abadeh carpet.

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool
Weft: cotton, 2 wefts
Warp: cotton
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 140 000 - 320 000 knots per square metre
Sizes: from zaronim (150x100 cm) up to 300x200 cm

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