A Mashad carpet, handmade in the city of Mashad in the northeast of Iran.

The holy city of Mashad is situated in the east of Iran, in the enormous province of Khorasan. Mashad is the holiest city in Iran, the eight imam died, and is buried, here in the year 817. This place has grown from an insignificant village to one of the countrys largest cities with a population of 2 milion inhabitants. More than 12 million Shiah muslims visit the city every year.

The carpet manufacturing is extensive and mostly large carpets with medallions are made, which are also sold under the name Meshed. The quality changes and the wool from Khorasan is recognized by its softness.

Some examples of Mashad carpets:

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool yarn of changing quality
Weft: cotton yarn, 2 wefts between the rows of knots
Warp: cotton yarn
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 160 000 - 260 000 knots per square metre

The Boq'e-ye Hordokieh' mausoleum
Beautiful decorations in the ceiling, Mashad.
The front of Boq'e-ye Hordokieh'.

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