The carpets from Moud often have the Herati pattern.

The city of Moud is situated south of Mashad and south of Birdjan. The carpets from Moud often have a Herati pattern , with or without a centrally placed medallion. They are sometimes divided into Moud Mahi and Moud Garden . The first one mentioned, Mahi, often has a beige colour with a light red or blue nuance and a star shaped medallion. The other, Garden, reminds one about Bakhtiar carpets, illustrated with a curvilinear garden motif.

The weavers uses double wefts and the workmanship is often of good quality. In both types silk is used to bring out the lustre in the pile. Other carpets from this area are Birjand and Kashmar.

Some examples of Moud carpets:

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool yarn of changing quality
Weft: cotton yarn, 2 wefts between the rows of knots
Warp: cotton yarn
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 220 000 - 450 000 knots per square metre

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