Senneh carpet, handmade from the Kurdish city of Sanandaj formerly Senna) in western Iran.

In the western part of Iran the province of Kurdistan is situated. Its capital today is Sanandaj, but in carpet context the older name is still used, Senneh. The visitor meets a Kurdish society very different from what can be seen in Iran today. One can notice how the people dress; men in baggy pants and women in colourful dresses.

Around the province the Kurdish people weave strong, durable carpets with juicy patterns (see Koliai ). Carpets from the city of Senneh gives an elegant impression with a fine design and tasteful patterns. They are very appreciated both in and out of Iran. The pattern consists of rhombs, mir-e-buteh or Herati. The carpet is dominated by red and dark blue colours.

The weaver uses thread in the weft and because of this the carpet gets a typical spotted backside. In this area the Kelim-Senneh carpet is also manufactured, which is thougth to be the best kelims in all of Iran.

Some examples of Senneh carpets:

Technical specifications:
Pile: fine wool yarn
Weft: cotton, one weft
Warp: cotton
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 150 000 - 250 000 knots per square metre

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