The city of Ardebil is also the capital in the province with the same name and is situated in the north of Iran close by the Caspian Sea. To one who is knowledgeable in carpets this name maybe draws the thoughts to the famous Ardebil carpet in Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This carpet is manufactured in Keshan, but was placed in the mosque in Ardebil and eventually sold to raise money for repairing the mosque.

The carpets manufactured in Ardebil are inspired by Caucasian patterns such as Shirvan, Karabagh and Gendje. The later carpets are desirable collector's item. Ardebil carpets are thin but with well done geometrical motifs. Nowadays, a large part of the production consists of runners of good quality and are also sold under the name Ardabil.

Some examples of Ardebil carpets:

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool
Weft: wool or cotton yarn, 2 wefts
Warp: cotton yarn
Knot: symmetrical
Knot density: 90 000 - 220 000 knots per square metre
Sizes: all sizes up to 300x200 cm

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