A durable Nahavand carpet fits perfectly at a reception area.

Nahavand is a town in the province of Hamadan which is situated in the western part of Iran. The surrounding region around the city of Hamadan is one of the most productive when it comes to carpet manufacturing in Iran. In almost every village there is manufacturing of unique and simple carpets, and in all sizes. The quality is very high and thanks to the high shiny wool they use, the carpets are very durable.

Much of the design are collected from the famous city Malayer, situated westwards. The carpets are stable, with elements of nomadic and geometrical motifs and are ranked as the leading carpets manufactured in this area.

The carpets often have a "leaf-like" medallion in the middle with flowers and twigs in the background. A border with flowers and typical vases can also be seen. The dominating colours are often a kind of pale rust-red and beige on a dark blue background.

Some examples of Nahavand carpets:

Technical specifications:
Pile: wool
Weft: wool
Warp: cotton
Knot: asymmetrical
Knot density: 80 000 - 160 000 knots per square meter

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